Our core business

DG SKID brings its expertise to the Process Industries in several areas.

Etudes et Constructions

Engineering and construction

Our support and know how in Automation,
Control, Monitoring and related fields:
from the technical spec writing, solution design till the comissionning

DG SKID takes you through your project from the design and engineering up to the comissionning:​

  • Electrical drawings from the transormer output up to the smallest sensors
  • Electrical cabinets and boxes sizing and PLC + LV components and Variable speed Drives integration
  • Cables sizing
  • PLC Sizing , Programming and integration
  • Monitoring, Industrial Computer & HMI
  • Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Torque, speed, linear speed, diameter,... contro
  • Valve, throttle, temperature, Fluid and gas level, flow & pressure sensors set-up,
  • Instrumentation and signal converters,
  • Variable speed drives
  • Syncronous and Asynchronous Motors. Applications in the 4 quadrants in both Motor and Generator Mode
  • Analysis of Low and High frequency electrical disturbance (Harmonic and EMC)
  • Intrinsic Safety
  • Safety light curtains
  • Sizing of Electrical Motor and associated gearboxes and complete shaft line including VSD, couplings and mounted bearings
  • Dimensionning of Drives and Motors- Master Follower
Clé en main Automation & piping

Packaged offer

The SKID Intelligency: Engineering, design, sizing, Monitoring, Safety requirements, Integration of instrumentations devices

Our Expertise in Automation, Control and piping are enabling us to manufacture complete piping platform:

  • Design and Mechanical set up

  • Frame and  Slide base and welding  engineering

  • Piping Engineering, Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

  • Piping assembly in our workshop or at lead contractors or final users premises,

  • Project lead on complete Piping system including Automation, Filtering, heat exchange, cooling, pumping, PID control, mixing, vacuuming...

  • Instrumentation devices and valves outfitting on all kind of piping and boiler works.

  • Pump and Fan Cascad application

  • Integration of filtering system

  • Intrinsic safety 


Comissionning and Maintenance

The startup and follow up of industrial equipments across the world

We perform preventive and remedial maintenance on process equipments:​

  • PLC Maintenance, versionning & obsolescence management, diagnostic 

  • Equipments and machines revamping

  • Actuator  (Automatic Throttle, servo motor...) and  instrumentation Replacement 

  • Comissionning and Maintenance of any kind of LV and MV Variable Speed Drive: IGBT , capacitors & Bus Bar...

  • Intervention in hazardous areas and Onshore & Offshore Platform

  • Replacement and Comissionning of  Industrial equipments across the world (Pump, Fan, Compressors...)

  • SKID Comissionning