In Brignais, near Lyon



Engineering Procurement and Construction

EPC are the project lead. They offer to industrial end users the engineering, sourcing and guarantee that the project will be brought to the end as per the initial terms. Some of the project’s operations part are insourced such as the process engineering and specifications writing and some others are subcontracted. The equipment construction is fully subcontracted. Famous International EPCs in process industries are:

  • Technip

  • Saipem

  • Fluor

  • Foster

  • Wheeler

  • Bourbon

    Because of the level of stakes and risks, most of the largest EPC are listed at stock exchange. DG SKID intervene as subcontractor towards EPC at worldwide scale. 

DG SKID is located in the west of Lyon, in the Rhône-Alpes region, a region particularly rich in industries.
Many industrial groups and potential customers of DG SKID are located in the surrounding municipalities (New York City, Toronto, Melbourne, Perth, Montreal, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Adelaide, Birmingham, Calgary, Vancouver, Dublin, Manchester, Auckland...).