The product becoming convenience; Process expertise and service become value added.


Our tools and means: 

  • Electrical, Automation and Instrumentation drawings with SEE ELECTRICAL 

  • LV & HV cables sizing

  • LV Components and Electrical cabinet set up,

  • Sizing of cooled & refrigerated electrical cabinets

  • Thermal and pressure calculation notes

  • Steel frame calculation

  • ISO and PID drawings

  • SIL Loop & Intrinsic safety

  • Safety light curtains

Construction and panel building

DG SKID has:

  • A fully equipped Automation & control workshop

  • PLC programming computers

  • Mounting and assembly tools for both insourced and outsources operations

  • A network of Pipes builders, boiler makers, machinists and tool operators partners


DG SKID adress international EPCs and Utilities:

  •  Intervention at worldwide Scale

  • We speak  English, Spanish and French

  • We know the international standards and regulations framing process industries such as FDA, ATEX, NEC, API, NFPA.
    Our close collaboration with the major certifying bodies ensures conformity of the installation according to the industry standard. 

Working with DG SKID - Values and Culture

Our teams roll out solutions for process industries through the implementation of technical, economic, and environmental values.

DG SKID gather passionated talents having a background in Process Industries with a specific technical field expertise.
The common denominator of our human resources being a deep technical know-how in one of the 2 broad following: Automation and Piping.
Our company is committed to support its customers in their engineering, construction and process equipments integration projects.


Our unifying vision being “to create value through our expertise and our sense of service” is expressed in the  day to day run thru the following pillars  Initiative taking, Interpersonal Skills, Cohesion, and Personal Development.
These shared values guide our works and fuels our dynamic, humanistic and sustainable corporate culture.
We deliver our Engineering, Constructions and other complementary services animated by professionalism and surpassing oneself.


We value our expertise and embrace continuous improvement. We always seek for a mean "to do better" in our projects to meet stakeholders and third parties expectations. This approach is also fed and broaden by new comer's contribution, who are driven by the same spirit.


The sum of values and profound drivers leading each individual, is the indispensable catalyst for the development of our organization.

DG SKID made the choice, in order to align the structure with the DNA of those who make it up nowadays, but also those who contributed to its development since its creation, to display the core values and behaviours which are the base of our operations but also internal & external interactions.

Diagramme de nos valeurs


Fruit of common and deep thoughts lasting over a period of six months, we ended determining what each one want and is not ready to deal with, in his/her professional environment.


So DG SKID want to highlight:
  • Employee inititiative guaranteeing a degree of autonomy and accountability. But also the ideas promotion whatever the position of their initiator,
  • Interpersonal Skills, facing all third-parties, clients, external stakeholders, etc, …, respect, equal mood, enthusiasm, humility to which everyone subscribes.
  • Cohesion for mutual assistance, listening capacities, consideration and solidarity that this value suggests.
  • Personal development that goes hand in hand with the company development.                                                  This last point is a value but also a commitment that DG SKID takes toward its employees.
These values are driven by the actions and attitudes of each DG SKID’s employee, whatever the situation.
The underlying drivers are: 
  • Commitment, individual and collective,
  • Operational Skills, essential for the business lines and projects that we address,
  • Rigor, guaranteeing the fulfilment of our commitments and compliance of our projects,
  • Dynamism, allowing talent attraction and also foastering company's enrollment in new projects.
«Communication of our values and corporate culture to our eco-system is the responsibility of each of our employees. We are pleased to integrate those who recognize themselves in this approach – DG SKID teams».


Le mot des dirigeants

The owners' word

It's by  process industries passion, deep interest in  engineering world and projects that we have launched DG SKID. Our  years of experience in the process industries fields have taken us to the DG SKID adventure.

Because the industrial products are becoming commodities, the process expertise and service are the added value.

We have sumed  up the DG SKID approach under this statement for the best interest of our customers, the sustainability of our activities and the development of our people.

It's with this spirit that we will take into consideration your requests and inquiries and animate the roll out of DG SKID.

This for all our customers in all countries.


The enhancement of technical expertise, the adaptation capacity & thinking of our employees is a pillar of our entrepreneurial project.


The HR  and recruitment policies are a strong driver for our roll out  which will make the difference between companies of today and tomorrow.


We are living those values as managers but also as human beings.

We are introducing our company to collaborators and partners as a collaborative place where each and every individual must enjoy what he/she is doing and what he has been hired for.


We wish that this message will sweat in the exchanges that you will have with all DG SKID representatives.

Damien Dumont Damien Dumont
Stéphane Guillarme Stéphane Guillarme


Hygien ,Safety, Environment and Quality: a common benefit for our people and customers

DG SKID has got the ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and MASE. certifications.


DG SKID has a volunteer approach towards any quality certificates required by the industry or customer we address.

This is the best interest of our employees and customer. 

Nos références

Our references & business cases

Installations, Applications, Equipments , commissioning: our success stories

Our key applications and recent business cases:

  • PLC & HMI programming according to the CFR21 part 11

  • Equipment meeting FDA, ATEX & NEC, API & NFPA requirements

  • Monitoring of pressure, temperature and flow signal,

  • Syncronous and asyncronous Variable speed drives

  • AC motors : constant & quadratic torque

  • Generator and alternator 

  • Application with several  source of power supply

  • Installation of derated components due to altitude or temperature

  • Installation in hazardous area 

  • Projects complying with IEC, NEMA, CSA and UL/C-UL standards

  • Profibus, Profinet, Modbus RTU & TCP fieldbus

  • PLC & HMI SIEMENS S7 (STEP7, WinCC/ TIA Portal)

  • S7-200 -1200 -300-400 range

  • Safety PLC

  • Electronic Portal 

  • OPC server

  • Intrinsic Safety : MTL & SIEMENS Range

  • Reactor, mixer, piping with double envelop

  • Fluid Transfer Skid,  heat exchange platform, pumping & proportionning & vacuuming Skids

  • Regulation & Control loop : temperature, flow, pressure

  • Storing tanks, silos and sphere

  • Stripping

  • Exchangers integration

Our HSEQ certificates :