DG SKID rejoint le cluster RACE (Rhône Alpes Cutting Edge)

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DG SKID rejoint le cluster RACE (Rhône Alpes Cutting Edge)

Grâce à ces lignes directrices; valeurs, marchés adressés et perspectives de croissance notamment à l'export, DG SKID rejoint le Cluster RACE:



RACE Cluster allows companies addressing the same markets with complementary technologies to develop synergies by offering more innovative, competitive and packaged solutions, in Offshore and Onshore Energy. Energetic transition invites industrial metamorphosis and digitalization. In our period of change and high cost reductions, the pool of cutting edge companies members of RACE propose inventive solutions for new Oil&Gas and Renewable branches, especially in Hydrokinetics and Offshore Wind Energy.

Offshore & Onshore activities: hydrokinetics and naval wind, oil & gas, naval search for rare materials require an advanced and high level of expertise in technology with very harsh environmental conditions, and the capacity to intervene everywhere in the world. These cutting-edge companies of all sizes are largely positioned internationally and many of them are leaders in their field. With RACE, they decide to network together and to join their talents and innovations in order to create a pool of packaged competitive solutions.

Powerful synergies are durably created within the RACE Cluster.


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